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As they say, we’re 'never looking from nowhere’, so a view from another perspective — your perspective — would be great to hear. It doesn’t matter how well you know me, although this might be useful context. I’d love to hear from anyone who’s come across me in any capacity (different questions provided in each line for levels of familiarity).

What do you fill? I’d love to hear about these four burning questions, but feel free to add other stuff~

- How would you describe me as a person? What was your first impression of me?

- What do you like about me? What, if anything, stands out about me? Or what have you heard about me that really inspire you?

- What are my flaws? What could I improve about myself, make our interactions better? What have you heard about me that you wish I’d know?

- What piece of advice or feedback would you feel embarrassed or awkward about giving me in person? I really don’t mind if it’s brutal.

— Ameya P.

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